Josie’s Place Puppy Training

This program is designed for puppy owners with little to no experience with owning a puppy. Our goal at Josie’s Place is to give our students the knowledge to live a happy and successful life with their dog(s). This 6 Week Program will aid to manufacture a foundation that our student will be able to build off of for further training throughout the dog’s lifetime. All students will be provided a clicker for this program. The results of this program are determined by the consistency our students implement what is taught during our classes. We deliver the knowledge and how to execute upon that knowledge to live the most fulfilling life with your puppy as possible.   
Our Resident Trainer, Dylan

Our Training Staff:

Our resident trainer, Dylan, has been working with and training dogs for 6 years. Having experience with a variety of dog breeds from small and timid to large and confident, his knowledge for living a happy life with your pet has helped dozens of families in our area. His ability to simplify terms and principles so that every dog owner can understand has allowed even the most novice of dog owners to live fulfilled lives with their pet(s).

What Students Need to Bring

– Collar AND a Harness

– Leash

– Treat Pouch 

– Small, High-Value Treats

What to Expect:

Each week will cover an important topic of owning a puppy. Each following week will build upon the previous. We will have a demonstration and hands on portion of class followed by time to ask questions regarding each week’s topic. We want our students to leave each week’s class feeling empowered and confident in implementing their new knowledge as the program progresses.

Week 1

Management and Boundaries

Our first week is an introduction to setting your puppy up for success. Students will be given the knowledge and information to make living with their puppy a happy and productive life. This helps set our foundation for the rest of our program. We will cover strategies to ensure your pup is having positive interactions while at home. 

Week 2

Teaching Luring 

This second week will focus on luring. Luring will help set the groundwork for all future classes and training of your puppy. During this week our students will learn the beginning steps of using rewards to physically propel their dogs into wanted positions. 

Week 3

Leash Manners

Our third week will consist of teaching our puppy to walk properly on a leash. Loose Leash Walking is one of the most important aspects of owning a dog. Having a dog that pulls or is more likely to wander off the desired path can be hazardous. Our goal for this week is to lay the foundation for a well-mannered, well-behaved dog while walking on the leash.

Week 4

Teaching Recall

A recall command can be lifesaving. We want our students to have the knowledge to build a reliable recall command with their puppy. Our goal for this week is to introduce the base level of building this command and what each step may look like to stack the odds for success in our students’ favor. 

Week 5

Teaching Sit

Using the knowledge of Week 2 our students will be learning how to teach their puppy to ‘sit’. This command may be basic, but it is incredibly valuable. Building from the previous weeks, we will be combining our knowledge of luring, leash manners, and the foundation of the recall to add in another element. Adding a sit command allows for our students to regain further control over their canine companion.

Week 6

Teaching Down

During this week our lesson will be focused on teaching the ‘down’ command. Having the understanding of Weeks 1-5 will allow our students to navigate through this week with more confidence. The ‘down’ command is and will be one of the most frequently used commands by any dog owner. Having this command to be reliable and effective is important at every stage of a dog’s life. Starting as a young puppy allows our students a higher chance of an overall successful life with their dog.